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Finally Revealed! INSANE Strategies & Systems I use to SAVAGELY Dominate Facebook & Mobile Marketing. Learn How I Generated Millions in 2016 (even when all the experts and "gurus" said it can't be done) 
Dear Friend,

If you are an affiliate and aspire to be one of the elite... THIS letter can literally change your life...

My name is Rohail Rizvi. You may have heard of me or maybe we met at any one of the big industry events - Either way I am about to share with you the most exciting and 
mind-blowing event of the last 5 years! 

First let me ask you 3 questions...

1. Are you a highly MOTIVATED and hard working individual, but you're not earning what you KNOW you can? 

2. Are you OBSESSED & dedicated to succeeding in this industry because you know of it's life-changing potential and the ability for it to provide for yourself and loved ones?

3. Are you FEARLESS when it comes to seizing the moment and taking advantage of opportunities that others are too afraid to act on? 

If you answered YES to these 3 questions then...

There is a reason you're on this page. I myself was driven to success in this business by these very same characteristics. It's these same traits that have the capability to propel you into GREAT success. But as we all know, it takes more than drive and determination to succeed...

Otherwise there would be A LOT more successful affiliates that are STILL making money today. Most affiliates I know follow a story that goes something like this -

Truth is, it even takes more than the latest hot campaign tip or shiny tool.

What it really takes... (and most people won't tell you this) is an UNBREAKABLE system, the right mindset, and knowing the right people.

I used to be in the exact same position you’re in today, but…

Through seven (long) years of blood, sweat and tears I have proven myself time and time again and have made waves in this industry by consistently being ahead of the curve.

And I want to give you the exact same system I’ve personally used to earn millions over the past several years.

More on that later, for right now I want to share my story with you so keep reading...
The Beginning: Here’s How It All Started

2007 - Broke College Student

A few years ago I was a college student majoring in business.

Unlike a lot of my peers…I didn't have any help from parents or scholarships, so I had to rely on school loans, dead end jobs, and credit cards to pay my tuition and live day to day while going to school. My diet consisted mostly of the all too familiar $1.25 Ramen cup of noodles. 
The story gets worse... by my second year in school I had racked up nearly $10,000 in credit card bills…

And I was running behind on payments…

That, combined with the stress of having to work a part time job AND study were all grinding down on me, big time.My grades were slipping, I wasn’t doing well at work, and the debt collection calls cranked up with a vengeance.

It was a bleak, dark, and depressing time in my life, and I’m getting emotional about it even as I write this, even though it was so many years ago.

I was really at the end of my rope, and I was living day to day…

Trying to stay afloat for just a few more weeks so I could finish the semester out.

It was during this dark time period that I started dibble dabbling with internet marketing, trying to figure out a way to make some extra money.

But more than anything else, the only thing my internet marketing hobby had done was contribute to several thousand dollars in mounting credit card debt, with no signs of slowing down.

I convinced myself I was going to be the next Google Adwords millionaire. I racked up THOUSANDS in advertising bills…trying and failing to promote an affiliate offer that just wouldn’t convert…no matter how much traffic i poured into it.

Needless to say, I was in over my head, and I was running out of options.

It looked like I was going to have to drop out of school, get another part-time job, and enter the working world on the bottom rung of the ladder in order to survive.

Then Something Incredible Happened…

I decided to take the last $500 I had to my name and create a Pay-Per-Click campaign with Facebook Ads instead of using Google Adwords.

I found an offer on my affiliate network, setup the campaign and held my breath…

The first day I made $46.89 after spending just $17.98 for the advertising. It wasn’t much but it was definitely a good sign…

The next day I made $73.21 after spending $24.82 for the advertising. I was thinking that maybe I was just lucky at this point, so I decided to ramp up my daily budget to really test things out…

The next day I earned $231.59 after spending only $42.37 for the advertising!

I was definitely getting excited by this point, so I decided to tweak my ads a little bit, using some of what I had learned after messing around with Google Adwords. I increased my daily budget.

The Next Day, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes Each Time I Checked My Affiliate Account!

I was nervously logging into the account all day while I was in class…

And each time I would see more commissions!

The money was pouring in and I couldn’t believe it…my little strategy was actually working!

By the end of the day I grossed $394.67 in commissions, and guess what?

I only had paid $53.44 in advertising to earn that amount.

That was nearly the same I spent the day before, and I was floored by the results!

At this point, let’s just say I was hooked…

I quickly became more and more obsessed with testing, tweaking, and experimenting with Facebook Ads and affiliate marketing…

Absolutely Phenomenal Affiliate Commissions!

By using this system I went from dead broke and drowning in credit card debt to being completely debt free!

That’s right, I don’t owe anyone a red cent, and I paid for the rest of my college education in CASH!

Now, I’m a graduate from Rutgers Business School, and I run my own wildly profitable affiliate marketing business.

I know what you’re thinking right now…

“Sure, anyone can make a claim like that online Rohail, why should I listen to you?”

Well, they say that the proof is in the pudding.

So let me show you.

Here’s some…

Proof That My Affiliate Marketing Methods WORK!

Here are some snapshots of my affiliate network accounts through out the years starting with my FIRST $100 profit day in affiliate marketing in 2008:

I also run a highly respected blog in the affiliate marketing industry:

And on top of all of that…I am a published author with an article appearing in issue #18 of FeedFront magazine:

So What Am I Up To Now?

STM London

In March of 2015, I spoke at the STM London Meetup on Mobile Optimization Mastery 5 Reasons Your ROI Sucks (And How to Crush It). The room was filled with over 700 people and I had people swarm me afterwards asking further questions. I was told people really liked my speech and are anxiously waiting for the video to be released.

Traveling the World

Being able to travel and make money at the same time is one of the best things about this industry. It's why I prefer it to any other business. The ability to make lots of money while you SLEEP and TRAVEL is truly a blessing.

Hosting Private Super Affiliate Dinners

I hosted a private dinner with some of the top affiliates in the industry in Las Vegas at STK in the Cosmopolitan hotel. The caliber of this private mastermind was unparalleled. To this day, people tell me they made connections at this dinner that literally changed their lives. And this was just one dinner. Imagine what kind of connections you'll make in an entire day.

Living it Up

The best part about being a successful affiliate is not just getting to travel, but getting to stay at the finest hotels & resorts. I love being able to reward myself after achieving my goals with a luxurious trip. I don't believe in settling in life for anything less than the best that life has to offer and neither should you.

Networking with the Best

One of the keys to success in this industry is knowing the right people. If you don't have this part of the game down, there's an invisible ceiling as to how far you go and this is true in life in general. Do want to work your way to success or flip the shortcut switch and know the right people?

Making New Friends 

Last year's Affiliate Summit was one to remember. I went out with one of the top advertisers in the industry after all the industry parties were over. This led to a new business relationship and I was on my way even more revenue. Not to mention, it was a fun night out.

Flying Business Class to Milan

Once you go business you don't go back. I've been blessed with the opportunity to fly in comfort wherever I travel. This March, I was able to take my mom to Italy and London on my way to the STM London meetup. It was the first time she ever had a "real" vacation and I felt like I owed her at least that much.

Exotic Getaways with Super Affiliates

One of the most awesome things about this business is being able to travel the world with your friends in the industry. The ability to just jet off to another country and spend a week or a month just working out of a mansion and masterminding on life and business is just invaluable. What other industry can you become successful in and do this? Not many.

Good times with Super Affs in Malaysia

The cool thing about this industry is that you can drop into almost any country in the world and there will be someone there that you can link up with. Whether it's Malaysia or Thailand or England, you have the opportunity to network and build lifelong relationships wherever you go.

Bought My Dream Car

One of the biggest achievements I've had as a result of affiliate marketing is being able to purchase my dream car - a Lamborghini Gallardo. This is the car I grew up having posters of and cellphone wallpaper backgrounds of. It still doesn't feel real that I actually own one. There's no way to really explain the feeling of having a dream car like this, but it is well worth it. Life's too short - I think everyone of you is capable to attaining success in this industry to get the toys you want and that is what I want to help you do.

Flying Private

Honestly there's nothing like it. Once you go private, you don't go back! Thanks to AM, I've been able to join private charter membership clubs where not only do you get a MUCH better flying experience on private jets, but you also get to connect with other highly successful people. The connections I've been able to make and the time I've saved has provided me with multiples in returns.

Growing with the Best

One of the best things about becoming successful is that you automatically have other really successful people around you. Lucky for me I started early in the industry along the likes of both Charles Ngo and  Ian Fernando, both of whom I've become really good friends with over the years. We often brainstorm about where we're at in business, the hottest new trends, investing opportunities, and more. 
"Anyone can claim they understand marketing, but its people like Rohail who can take that knowledge and put it to use." - Alex Tsatkin, Media Whiz
So now you know that I'm the real deal if you didn't already...

I have been consistently generating an income online for the last eight years (I can count on my hands the number of people that have lasted this long in the industry - most left to get J.O.B.s)

But there's one caveat...although I'm grateful for my success in affiliate marketing and it being very lucrative, after EIGHT YEARS of doing this I'M BORED! I want to do something different - a change of scenery - something more aligned with my purpose and give back in some way to others that are trying to create a lifestyle of freedom while traveling the world.

And that is really good news for you. I am ready to share my most closely-guarded secrets. And about to piss off a lot of these so-called "guru" marketers. I'm just going to give it out to you the way it is - STEP BY STEP - how to crack the code on affiliate marketing.

But NOT just with anyone. The tricks, techniques, and mindset I have accumulated has taken over seven years. I've been mining for gold and it has not been given to me on a silver platter.

But luckily for you, it can be.

I will be hosting a private mastermind session in Bucharest on September 3-4, 2017 at a secret location revealed only to accepted attendees. I’ll reveal my EXACT STEP BY STEP FORMULA on how my team and I dominate affiliate marketing in 2017, and beyond. What better place to network and mastermind with super affiliates than up and coming Bucharest...

"Rohail is a true professional from start to finish...I have full faith that his keen industry know-how will help you bring your own affiliate marketing game to the next level." - Eleah Portillo, Adsimilis
So what's in store for this one-time only mastermind? You'll learn
  • The exact system I've been using to build out a stockpile of advertising accounts  ( In this business, accounts is the name of the game, and I'll reveal exactly how to systemize this and make your accounts last. )
  • How to capitalize on current trends ( The internet is where people go for the latest news, and if you get the right offer in front of them you can make bank. I recently executed this strategy during the Super Bowl and netted nearly $150,000 )
  • How to use Facebook Ads drive torrents of traffic to your trend offer for just pennies per click ( This traffic resource is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings for me and I'm going to share this EXACT STRATEGY with you )
  • A simple trick you can use to increase your Click Thru Rate and lower your bids at the same time ( I've used this trick to beat out big Fortune 500 brand name advertisers, and you can do the same! )
  • 5 underground tricks you can use to maximize your Facebook profits (Facebook has recently started to crackdown on affiliate advertisers, but I'll show you how to make your campaigns fly through the approval process and remain a profitable Facebook advertiser for a long time )
  • How to plan for long term profits with Facebook Advertising and affiliate offers (Sure, you can always churn and burn campaigns and still make money, but I'll show you how to create a stable platform that will continue to pour in profits month after month )
  • How to discover previous untapped niches, enter them, and completely dominate! (Being the first to market carries some incredible advantages, and I'll show you how to develop a keen eye for untapped niche markets that are literal goldmines)
  • How to stay ahead of the affiliate marketing curve by adopting an "always learning always earning" mindset ( The affiliate marketing industry changes at an extremely fast pace, I'll show you 3 ways to keep up and stay at the top of your game )
  • How to use the incredible power of outsourcing and delegating to scale and grow your business to a level you can't even dream of right now ( Yes! You can grow WEALTHY from affiliate marketing, but you are going to need to follow these 3 EXACT STEPS to truly scale up and build a POWERHOUSE team in 2017 )
  • How to go from affiliate to advertiser and whether you even should ( Little known things you MUST do before you go this route or you could lose your shirt like many have before)
  • How to squeeze the most out of your current campaigns ( 97% of affiliates fail to do these THREE THINGS and are leaving huge sums of money on the table, let alone are unable to compete with teams like mine )
  • Network with some of the best, most highly motivated affiliates in this industry ( No room for fluff here. Everyone attending will be screened to be highly motivated and serious about this business. You'll be able to make countless strategic partnerships and relationships that can undoubtedly take your business to the next level.
This mastermind is guaranteed to be unlike any other. 

I've always held private dinners at industry conferences compiled of some of the best minds in the business, but this will be taking it a whole different level.

Not only will you get real-world strategies on how to dominate affiliate marketing campaigns, you'll also get to network with the best and brightest.

You'll be in one of the most up and coming cities in the world, a real hub with some of the most solid affiliates and advertisers in the world. If you've never been to Bucharest and been a part of my mastermind, this is your perfect opportunity.

But it won't be cheap. Nothing worth it's weight in gold ever is.

I'm not going to sell you or do some false scarcity tactic crap here. I'm letting you know how it is, which is exactly how my mastermind will be.

You can secure your spot at the Suitcase Marketer Mastermind for $9,997. There are only 10 seats available as that is the maximum number of people that I know I can give personalized attention to and allow for effective an mastermind.

In reality, this price should be A LOT higher. My one-on-one consultations run at $10,000 per hour alone. Considering you will get two days of rock solid applicable content and powerful networking, $9,977 is a complete steal.

I know there some guys out there charging $10k or even $20k out there for a mastermind while providing questionable value. I want this to be accessible to guys and girls that are serious about succeeding in this industry and provide immense value at the same time. 

Like I said, I've been there and done that - it's time for me to help the future super affiliates of the game come up.

BUT I'm not letting just anyone into this mastermind. I don't have time for tire kickers and time-wasters. You must be absolutely hungry and determined to join what will become a group of some of the most successful affiliates we'll see. There is an interview to join the mastermind. This is to make sure only serious people attend. I had several of my students from my last mastermind become super affiliates and one even earning mid-five-figures the following month from zero! This is kind of caliber of determination I require to join my mastermind.

I will interview personally - if you're approved, then you're allowed to purchase a ticket to the mastermind.

If all you get out of this mastermind is the ability to get one profitable campaign, is that worth it to you?

If all you get from this mastermind is the ability to quit your job, is that worth it to you?

If all you get from this mastermind is one beneficial business relationship that completely changes your life, is that worth it to you?

There's two types of people that are reading this. Those that will take advantage of this opportunity to explode their affiliate business or those that will just let it slip and take years trying to figure it out on their own still trolling thru forums and webinars instead of making money. Which type of person would you rather be?

Some of the most successful people I know accredit their success to having a coach. Did Michael Jordan have a coach? Did Kobe Bryant have a coach? Of course they did. Did having a coach make them any less legendary basketball players? Absolutely not! But you have to remember they did not make it on their own. Even THEY had coaches. So what makes you think you shouldn't?

This is your chance to be a part of a stellar experience and catapult your own business. Don't wait until it's too late - click below to secure your spot now.

Rohail Rizvi
Suitcase Marketer

P.S. I'm not a hard man to find. A lot of people know me in this industry and I have a solid reputation. If for any reason you're not satisfied, come find me and I'll refund your money the same day. You can take that money and blow it on the roulette tables in Vegas. Chances are it won't pay off as much as this mastermind. 
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